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Special COCOVIE Gift set | Lavender Detox Scrub Soap & Floral Beautifying Oil



  • Beautifying Coconut Oil - Flora (100ml): Osmanthus & Lavender extract - Add Vitamin B3

    + The pure blend of coconut essential oil and osmanthus & lavender flower extracts helps nourish, regenerate and prevent skin aging
    + Lavender essential oil is effective in fading dark spots caused by acne scars or surgical wounds, as well as preventing infection

  • Coconut Oil Scrub Soap - Lavender (100gr): Coconut oil extract helps soften the skin, Lavender Essential Oil soothes skin blemishes

  • Durable, long-lasting Coconut Shell Soap Holder: The Coconut Shell Tray is crafted from natural coconuts by skilled traditional artisans. Using the coconut shell tray to hold soap is both elegant and environmentally friendly.

  • Hemp Bag: Made from natural fiber. You can use it to carry personal items when traveling or shopping


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