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Premium Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - 1000ml


Premium Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Cocovie

  • For healthy body shape

  • Metabolizes into energy quickly without accumulating fat like other types of fats

The special of Premium Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Cocovie

  • Rich in Lauric Acid: supports digestion, creates a light feeling in the stomach
  • Cold-pressed: preserves natural nutrients
  • No preservatives: safe for health, can be consumed directly

(1) Take 1-2 tablespoon before each meal or in the morning when the stomach is empty for improved digestion 
(2) Use for salad dressing, drizzling, put in tea, coffee, milk, juice 
(3) For Body Detox with guidance of detox expert 
(4) Apply also hair and skin 


Ingredients: 100% Coconut Oil
Note: Product solidifies at temperatures below 24°C. Place in warm water to thaw

Thương hiệu: cocovie

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